Adam P. Spring

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In 40 cats systematic, electrical stimulation of ventral midbrain structures was performed. In the lightly anaesthetised animals, fixed in a stereotaxic frame, ECoG and arterial blood pressure were registrated. As a result stimulation-induced phasic blood pressure increases have been found within a distinct area including substantia nigra and ventral(More)
Summary. During excavation in 1931 by Riek in the cave of Vogelherd close to Stetten in the Lone Valley in southwestern Germany there was found an anatomically modern human skull (called: "Stetten 2") dated 32500 years before present. The skull was excavated without postcranial skeleton in the cave and showed no signs of burial. Paleopathological(More)
In 54 cats electrical stimulation of the periaqueductal grey matter was performed by electrodes which were placed in distinct regions of the aqueduct. The influence on pain was studied by the formalin test. Motor behaviour was observed. The results show an obvious inhibition of pain reactions, which was most effective in the upper of the aqueduct. The motor(More)
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