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We consider the problem of planning motions in observations space, based on learned models of the dynamics that associate to each action a diffeomorphism of the observations domain. For an arbitrary set of diffeomorphisms, this problem must be formulated as a generic search problem. We adapt established algorithms of the graph search family. In this(More)
Diffeomorphisms dynamical systems are dynamical systems for which the state is an image and each command induce a diffeomorphism of the state. These systems can approximate the dynamics of robotic sensorimotor cascades well enough to be used for problems such as planning in observations space. Learning of an arbitrary diffeomorphism from pairs of images is(More)
The communication range of devices in a wireless ad hoc network is inherently limited, but it can be enhanced by interconnecting it to a wired network like the internet, thus forming a hybrid wireless network. This interconnection to improve scalability has been achieved by using gateways, which brings the biggest overhead in WANET accessing Internet. So a(More)
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