Adam Nash

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In this paper we introduce a mathematical model of conflict that enhances Richardson's model of Arms Race accounting for interactive scenarios, such as the ones provided by CRPGs (Computer Role Playing Games). Such an improvement translates the model into an HCP (Hybrid Control Process). We also provide a sneak peek at the multi-disciplinary project <i>Two(More)
The syndrome of anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) dependence, though well recognized, remains poorly studied. In this preliminary psychometric study, American and British investigators separately administered a structured diagnostic interview module, based on recently proposed criteria for AAS dependence, to 42 male AAS users in Middlesbrough, England.(More)
The frequent repetition of visual assets, such as the frequent appearance of a particular game object in a game world or the repetition of a character's animation cycle, often becomes apparent to players when they encounter such repetition within a short period of time. A certain amount of visual repetition has always been accepted by players, however as(More)
Virtual and augmented environments are often dependent on human intervention for change to occur. However there are times when it would be advantageous for appropriate human-like activity to still occur when there are no humans present. In this paper, we describe the installation art piece Recognition, which uses the movement of human participants to effect(More)
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