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The anterior belly of the digastric muscle (ABDM) is important in numerous esthetic surgeries including rhytidectomy, alteration of the cervicomental angle via partial resection of the ABDM muscle belly, and suprahyoid muscular medialization and suspension. Recently, the connection between the ABDM and the mylohyoid muscle (MH) has been proposed as(More)
Equalization of middle ear pressure is an important consideration for scuba divers. When middle ear pressure is asymmetric, a diver may experience alternobaric vertigo. Moreover, individuals with an underlying temporal bone dehiscence are predisposed to facial baroparesis. An understanding on behalf of fellow divers and emergency responders to recognize and(More)
It is estimated that almost half of patients affected with Crohn disease (CD) experience a dermatologic manifestation of the condition. Metastatic CD (MCD) is a rare dermatologic entity, with as few as 100 cases reported in the literature. As such, MCD presents a clinical dilemma in diagnosis and management. The etiology of MCD is not well defined; however,(More)
The mylohyoid (MH) musculature separates the sublingual and submandibular spaces and is, therefore, important with regard to the spread of infection and space occupying lesions. Moreover, the MH may be elevated and included in the myocutaneous submental island flap or sutured in conjunction with the platysmas and the anterior bellies of the digastric(More)
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