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We report the results of a joint analysis of data from BICEP2/Keck Array and Planck. BICEP2 and Keck Array have observed the same approximately 400 deg 2 patch of sky centered on RA 0h, Dec. −57.5 •. The combined maps reach a depth of 57 nK deg in Stokes Q and U in a band centered at 150 GHz. Planck has observed the full sky in polarization at seven(More)
In more than 50% of all cases, Moody's rates companies' bank loans higher than the bonds it rates for the same issuer. This " rating spread " indicates, in part, our opinion that the loans will be worth more in the event of a default, than the bonds. In our earlier study of bank loan recoveries (Defaulted Bank Loan Recoveries, Moody's Special Report, Nov.(More)
We present the all-sky Planck catalogue of Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) sources detected from the 29 month full-mission data. The catalogue (PSZ2) is the largest SZ-selected sample of galaxy clusters yet produced and the deepest all-sky catalogue of galaxy clusters. It contains 1653 detections, of which 1203 are confirmed clusters with identified counterparts in(More)
Copyright and reuse: The Warwick Research Archive Portal (WRAP) makes the work of researchers of the University of Warwick available open access under the following conditions. Copyright © and all moral rights to the version of the paper presented here belong to the individual author(s) and/or other copyright owners. To the extent reasonable and practicable(More)
In early 2010, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration initiated a study to investigate the physics potential of the experiment with a broad set of different beam, near-and far-detector configurations. Nine initial topics were identified as scientific areas that motivate construction of a long-baseline neutrino experiment with a(More)
The early sections of the neutrino factory current design comprise high gradient normal conducting radio-frequency (RF) cavities embedded in high magnetic field. The performance of these cavities is known to degrade with magnetic field; but the exact nature of the phenomenon, its reproducibility and limitations are not well known. It is proposed to make use(More)
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