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BACKGROUND Hospital admission rates for a number of conditions have been linked to variations in the weather. It is well established that trauma workload displays significant seasonal variation. A reliable predictive model might enable targeting of high-risk groups for intervention and planning of hospital staff levels. To our knowledge there have been no(More)
An association between hip pain and quadratus femoris MRI abnormality with concurrent narrowing of the ischiofemoral space has been reported in a number of patients to date, raising the possibility that the muscular damage observed is due to ischiofemoral impingement. Possible impingement has been noted primarily in middle-aged females either with or(More)
BACKGROUND Ischiofemoral impingement is a recently identified cause of chronic hip pain, the pathophysiology and clinical features of which are poorly understood.
 AIM To determine the clinical significance of MRI findings of ischiofemoral impingement.
 MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective search for cases of ischiofemoral impingement in the Nuffield(More)
INTRODUCTION This quality assurance project was designed to determine the reliability, completeness and comprehensiveness of the data entered into Niday Perinatal Database. METHODS Quality of the data was measured by comparing data re-abstracted from the patient record to the original data entered into the Niday Perinatal Database. A representative sample(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess which osmolarity equation best predicts directly measured serum/plasma osmolality and whether its use could add value to routine blood test results through screening for dehydration in older people. DESIGN Diagnostic accuracy study. PARTICIPANTS Older people (≥65 years) in 5 cohorts: Dietary Strategies for Healthy Ageing in Europe(More)
BACKGROUND The literature on paediatric osteomyelitis in the developing world is scarce, and there have been calls for further characterisation of its epidemiology and the identification of factors that limit effective management in order to guide local service delivery. Our centre is a hospital serving a population of 11 million people in Tanzania. (More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the intensity of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of Sphaeranthus indicus on albino mice and rat of either sex. The flowers of S. indicus are an important herb used in folk eastern medicines. In this study, the ethanolic extract of S. indicus in doses of 300 and 500 mg/kg was used. Anti-inflammatory(More)
Landraces are considered as storehouses of valuable genetic diversity. Understanding the structure of this diversity and identification of distinct clusters with complementary traits is an important goal for a sustained and successful pearl millet breeding program. In this study a collection of 214 pearl millet accessions from different geographical regions(More)