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Kinetics of sarcomere movement were studied in real-time by laser diffraction. Instantaneous sarcomere shortening was measured during afterloaded twitches simultaneously with instantaneous shortening and tension of the whole trabecula excised from rat right ventricle. Resting sarcomere length at optimal length was 2.20 +/- 0.02 micron (mean +/- SEM).(More)
Developing access control extensions for operating systems is an expensive and time-consuming task. Mechanisms available for access control extension lag behind industry standard extension solutions for file systems, process schedulers, and device drivers, and suffer from a number of serious flaws in modern multi-processor, multi-threaded kernels. In this(More)
We demonstrate correction of laser wave-front distortions by use of an adaptive-optical technique based on a light valve. The setup consists of an achromatic and adjustable-sensitivity wave-front sensor and a wave-front corrector relying on an optically addressed liquid-crystal spatial light modulator. Experimental results with strongly aberrated beams(More)
We present experimental results of the amplification of strongly amplitude-modulated chirped pulses resulting from the coherent addition of two delayed short pulses. The nonlinearities in the amplifier chain induce a temporal diffraction resulting in prepulses and postpulses, in addition to the two main pulses when compressed. Simultaneously,(More)
We have built a diode-pumped Nd:glass regenerative amplifier that is able to produce energies up to 20 mJ within a 470-fs pulse duration at a 1-Hz repetition rate. We obtained this amplifier by using specific intracavity components such as a phase mirror and a birefringent filter to generate a large spatial mode and a large spectral width.
We have developed a high-resolution programmable adaptive-optic device based on an optically addressed liquid-crystal electro-optic valve controlled by an achromatic three-wave lateral shearing interferometer. We apply this phase-only filter and loop to shape the far-field pattern of laser beams. As a first application, we theoretically compute and(More)
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