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A series of one hundred cases where silicone rods were used to prepare a bed for flexor tendon grafting is examined, the main indication for this technique being circumstances where one stage tendon grafting was likely to have a poor result. The main complications noted were a synovitis around the silastic rods, infection, and loss of the distal attachment(More)
Chronic renal failure is a risk factor fortuberculosis. In the past five years we have identifiedtwo cases of tuberculosis in our dialysis population.The first patient, showed chronic failure to thrive onhemodialysis. An enlarged cervical lymph node wasbiopsied and, although no acid fast bacilli (AFB) wereseen, a culture grew Mycobacterium tuberculosum(More)
Statin-fibrate combinations are commonly used to treat hyperlipidemia. These drugs have been previously reported to cause rhabdomyolysis with acute renal failure. Whether different statin-fibrate combinations have different risks for rhabdomyolysis is not known. We report a patient who developed rhabdomyolysis with acute renal failure promptly after(More)