Adam Maria Gadomski

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The paper presents ENEA’s next step towards the development of Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS) for large-scale industrial and territorial emergencies. The prototype IDA (Intelligent Decision Advisor) for emergency management in an oil port is analysed as a test case. The work was performed under the national R&D MICA project and specifically(More)
The necessity of creation of some conceptual patterns for modeling "intelligent" systems which could be accepted by the majority of AI and cognitive science specialists, is discussed. The definition of "intelligence" as a specific complex property of dynamic system is suggested. The proposal of the functional structure of an abstract intelligent system is(More)
The paper presents on-going ENEA's results in the development of active/intelligent DSSs (IDSS) for emergency managers. The emergency management problem is initially analyzed top-down, from the perspective of the general functional requirements of IDSSs, and integrated with the bottom-up perspective of incremental prototyping. Independently developed(More)
The paper presents italian results of the CEC Environment Project MUSTER (Multi-Users System for Training and Evaluating Environmental Emergency Response). A novel conceptualization framework for the computer aided training of cooperating and coordinated emergency managers is discussed. Two basic functions of the computer support system have been defined: a(More)