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BACKGROUND Hospital admission rates for a number of conditions have been linked to variations in the weather. It is well established that trauma workload displays significant seasonal variation. A reliable predictive model might enable targeting of high-risk groups for intervention and planning of hospital staff levels. To our knowledge there have been no(More)
INTRODUCTION This quality assurance project was designed to determine the reliability, completeness and comprehensiveness of the data entered into Niday Perinatal Database. METHODS Quality of the data was measured by comparing data re-abstracted from the patient record to the original data entered into the Niday Perinatal Database. A representative sample(More)
In their evaluation of a method that assesses surgical workload, Wilson et al. [1] made the assumption that intraoperative stress is necessarily detrimental to surgical performance. However, the Yerkes–Dodson law [2] dictates that increasing levels of stress improve performance up to a point, beyond which further stress causes performance to diminish. Thus,(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess which osmolarity equation best predicts directly measured serum/plasma osmolality and whether its use could add value to routine blood test results through screening for dehydration in older people. DESIGN Diagnostic accuracy study. PARTICIPANTS Older people (≥65 years) in 5 cohorts: Dietary Strategies for Healthy Ageing in Europe(More)
Landraces are considered as storehouses of valuable genetic diversity. Understanding the structure of this diversity and identification of distinct clusters with complementary traits is an important goal for a sustained and successful pearl millet breeding program. In this study a collection of 214 pearl millet accessions from different geographical regions(More)
BACKGROUND The literature on paediatric osteomyelitis in the developing world is scarce, and there have been calls for further characterisation of its epidemiology and the identification of factors that limit effective management in order to guide local service delivery. Our centre is a hospital serving a population of 11 million people in Tanzania. (More)
BACKGROUND High levels of activity are considered to be a contraindication to unicompartmental knee replacement (UKR) and are not recommended after UKR. To determine if these recommendations should apply to the mobile-bearing Oxford UKR, this study assessed the effect of post-operative activity level on the outcome of this device. METHODS The outcome of(More)
THE NEWS FOCUS STORY ON GLOBAL MENtal health, “Who needs psychiatrists?” (G. Miller, 16 March, p. 1294), implied that the answer is “no one.” This is not the case. It is true that clinical trials have demonstrated the effi cacy of talking therapies for depression, anxiety, and other common mental disorders, when delivered by nonpsychiatrist health workers(More)
OBJECTIVES To (1) evaluate educational needs of clinical students at Al-Quds University Medical School in the West Bank; (2) address these needs where possible using synchronous distance learning, with clinicians in Oxford providing case-based tutorials to undergraduates in the West Bank via an online platform (WizIQ) and (3) assess the impact of this(More)
dairy products, salads/vegetables, and fruit. Physical activity levels were available for 196 participants (164 untreated and 32 treated), and no differences were found regarding the number of days per week with vigorous (mean [SD], 0.7 [1.7] vs 1.0[1.1] d/wk for untreated and treated, respectively; Mann-Whitney test, P=.78) or moderate (2.7 [3.0] vs 3.4(More)