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We present the first comparative study of extragalactic GMCs using complete data sets for entire galaxies and a uniform set of reduction and analysis techniques. We present results based on CO observations for the LMC, SMC, M33, M31, IC10 and the nucleus of M64, and make comparisons with archival Milky Way observations. Our sample includes large spirals and(More)
We derive rotation curves for four nearby, low-mass spiral galaxies and use them to constrain the shapes of their dark matter density profiles. This analysis is based on high-resolution two-dimensional Hα velocity fields of NGC 4605, NGC 5949, NGC 5963, and NGC 6689 and CO velocity fields of NGC 4605 and NGC 5963. In combination with our previous study of(More)
We have obtained two-dimensional velocity fields of the dwarf spiral galaxy NGC 2976 in Hα and CO. The high spatial (∼ 75 pc) and spectral (13 km s −1 and 2 km s −1 , respectively) resolution of these observations, along with our multicolor optical and near-infrared imaging, allow us to measure the shape of the density profile of the dark matter halo with(More)
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