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This paper presents a many-core visual computing architecture code named Larrabee, a new software rendering pipeline, a manycore programming model, and performance analysis for several applications. Larrabee uses multiple in-order x86 CPU cores that are augmented by a wide vector processor unit, as well as some fixed function logic blocks. This provides(More)
We introduce ideas, proposed technologies, and initial results for an office of the future that is based on a unified application of computer vision and computer graphics in a system that combines and builds upon the notions of the CAVE™, tiled display systems, and image-based modeling. The basic idea is to use real-time computer vision techniques to(More)
" We're searching here, trying to get away from the cut and dried handling of things all the way through—everything—and the only way to do it is to leave things open until we have completely explored every bit of it. " Abstract Researchers in nonphotorealistic rendering (NPR) have investigated a variety of techniques to simulate the styles of artists.(More)
— We present a novel realtime algorithm to compute the trajectory of each pedestrian in a crowded scene. Our formulation is based on an adaptive scheme that uses a combination of deterministic and probabilistic trackers to achieve high accuracy and efficiency simultaneously. Furthermore, we integrate it with a multi-agent motion model and local interaction(More)
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