Adam Lagerberg

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Physical exercise increases peripheral insulin sensitivity, but regional differences are poorly elucidated in humans. We investigated the effect of aerobic exercise training on insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in five individual femoral muscle groups and four different adipose tissue regions, using dynamic (femoral region) and static (abdominal region)(More)
This thesis considers a robust gain scheduling controller deign method. The gain scheduling technique is one of the most popular controller design methods in practice. However, there is a lack of theoretical results relating stability and performance to the closed loop. Here, so called parameter varying systems (LPV) are investigated and in particular their(More)
Knowledge of wheelchair kinematics during a match is prerequisite for performance improvement in wheelchair basketball. Unfortunately, no measurement system providing key kinematic outcomes proved to be reliable in competition. In this study, the reliability of estimated wheelchair kinematics based on a three inertial measurement unit (IMU) configuration(More)
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