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The hepatic microsomal drug metabolism during pregnancy and lactation was studied. Four days post partum, the concentrations of cytochrome P450 and cytochrome b5 were reduced by 50% when compared with pregnant rats, at day 10 of gestation. Within this time period the N-demethylation of aminopyrine, the rate of aldrin epoxidation and the N-demethylation of(More)
Previous genetic studies of idiopathic talipes equinovarus (ITEV) suggest an environmental and genetic component to the etiology of ITEV. The present study was undertaken to assess the role of causal factors in the development of ITEV. A total of 285 propositi were ascertained, with detailed family history information available in 173 cases and medical(More)
Mechanotransduction is the physiological process where cells sense and respond to mechanical loads. This paper reclaims the term "mechanotherapy" and presents the current scientific knowledge underpinning how load may be used therapeutically to stimulate tissue repair and remodelling in tendon, muscle, cartilage and bone. The purpose of this short article(More)
I nflammation, a term coined by the ancients, is widely used in sports medicine. But what is meant when a clinician tells a patient that symptoms are probably due to inflammation? The question of whether inflammation is helpful or harmful to healing can only be answered after inflammation is defined. This brief analysis of inflammation reveals that the(More)
Patient satisfaction and customer focus are increasingly important objectives set for health services. The patient satisfaction survey is becoming the main method of assessing this aspect of health care. In competitive environments, those institutions that show that they respond to consumers' needs are in a better position to attract funding. The use of(More)
We present a measurement of the W-boson mass using 200 pb{-1} of data collected in pp[over ] collisions at sqrt[s]=1.96 TeV by the CDF II detector at run II of the Fermilab Tevatron. With a sample of 63 964 W-->enu candidates and 51 128 W-->munu candidates, we measure M_{W}=80 413+/-34{stat}+/-34{syst}=80,413+/-48 MeV/c;{2}. This is the most precise single(More)
We present the first measurement of the production cross section of a W boson with a single charm quark (c) in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV, using soft muon tagging of c jets. In a data sample of approximately 1.8 fb(-1), recorded with the Collider Detector at Fermilab II detector at the Fermilab Tevatron, we select events with W+1 or 2 jets. We use(More)
We describe the generation of five sheep transgenic for a fusion of the ovine beta-lactoglobulin gene promotor to the human alpha 1-antitrypsin (h alpha 1AT) genomic sequences. Four of these animals are female and one male. Analysis of the expression of h alpha 1AT in the milk of three of these females shows that all express the human protein at levels(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether neural tissue is present in the bone 'dust' given off during temporal bone drilling. Bone 'dust' from three temporal bone dissections was collected and examined. Evidence of neural tissue was present in two out of the three specimens. Neural tissue is present in the bone dust given off during temporal bone(More)
The EXT family of putative tumor suppressor genes affect endochondral bone growth, and mutations in EXT1 and EXT2 genes cause the autosomal dominant disorder Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME). Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) of these genes plays a role in the development of exostoses and chondrosarcomas. In this study, we characterized EXT genes in 11(More)