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The concept of maximum entropy can be traced back along multiple threads to Biblical times. Only recently, however, have computers become powerful enough to permit the widescale application of this concept to real world problems in statistical estimation and pattern recognition. In this paper, we describe a method for statistical modeling based on maximum(More)
This paper introduces a new statistical approach to automatically partitioning text into coherent segments. The approach is based on a technique that incrementally builds an exponential model to extract features that are correlated with the presence of boundaries in labeled training text. The models use two classes of features: topicality features that use(More)
This paper investigates whether a machine can automatically learn the task of finding, within a large collection of candidate responses, the answers to questions. The learning process consists of inspecting a collection of answered questions and characterizing the relation between question and answer with a statistical model. For the purpose of learning(More)
We present an overview of Candide, a system for automatic translation of French text to English text. Candide uses methods of information theory and statistics to develop a probability model of the translation process. This model, which is made to accord as closely as possible with a large body of French and English sentence pairs, is then used to generate(More)
This paper introduces a new statistical approach to partitioning text automatically into coherent segments. Our approach enlists both short-range and long-range language models to help it snii out likely sites of topic changes in text. To aid its search, the system consults a set of simple lexical hints it has learned to associate with the presence of(More)
This paper describes a lightweight method for the automatic insertion of intra-sentence punctuation into text. Despite the intuition that pauses in an acoustic stream are a positive indicator for some types of punctuation, this work will demonstrate the feasibility of a system which relies solely on lexical information. Besides its potential role in a(More)