Adam Kupan

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The degeneracy of the guanine radical cation, which is formed in DNA by oxidation of guanine by electron transfer, was studied by a detailed analysis of the oxidation products of guanine on oligonucleotide duplexes and by labeling experiments. It was shown that imidazolone, the major product of guanine oxidation, is formed through a one-electron oxidation(More)
A manganese porphyrin, manganese(III)-bis(aqua)-meso-tetrakis(4-N-methylpyridiniumyl)porphyrin, in the presence of KHSO5 is able to perform deoxyribose or guanine oxidation depending on its mode of interaction with DNA. These two reactions involve an oxygen-atom transfer or an electron transfer, respectively. The oxidative reactivity of the manganese-oxo(More)
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