Adam Kuklasinski

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We propose a multi-channel Wiener filter for speech dereverberation in hearing aids. The proposed algorithm uses joint maximum likelihood estimation of the speech and late reverberation spectral variances, under the assumption that the late reverberant sound field is cylindrically isotropic. The dereverberation performance of the algorithm is evaluated(More)
In this paper we perform an extensive theoretical and experimental comparison of two recently proposed multi-channel speech dereverberation algorithms. Both of them are based on the multi-channel Wiener filter but they use different estimators of the speech and reverberation power spectral densities (PSDs). We first derive closedform expressions for the(More)
We propose a novel Power Spectral Density (PSD) estimator for multi-microphone systems operating in reverberant and noisy conditions. The estimator is derived using the maximum likelihood approach and is based on a blocked and pre-whitened additive signal model. The intended application of the estimator is in speech enhancement algorithms, such as the(More)
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