Adam Kozakiewicz

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The paper discusses how digital rights management (DRM) approach can be adapted to work in local or offline mode, without access to global central servers. The focus of this adaptation is not on protection of copyright in a commercial content setting but on restricting access to non-public documents to legitimate users. Therefore we work under assumption(More)
Bioinformatics is a large group of methods used in biology, mostly for analysis of gene sequences. The algorithms developed for this task have recently found a new application in network threat detection. This paper is an introduction to this area of research, presenting a survey of bioinformatics methods applied to this task, outlining the individual tasks(More)
Trust management is an approach to access control in distributed open systems, where access control decisions are based on policy statements made by multiple principals. The family of Role-based Trust management languages (RT) is an effective means for representing security policies and credentials in decentralized, distributed, large scale access control(More)
The article proposes a two-layered system for distributed computation. The setup combines two different tools - Globus and Mosix - in order to harness the computing power wasted in unused student laboratories. The system is easy to set up and use. We present the results of experiments on a simple testbed, using the Google PageRank algorithm as an example(More)
The article touches aspects of security in Wireless Sensor Networks. It begins with a review and classification of existing types of threats and protection methods. The main part of the paper presents the results obtained during development of a threat detection system for WSN network. The described approach is based on a mobile platform which allows(More)
In this paper, we investigate the problem of detecting correlations among datasets containing malicious data concerned with various types of network attacks and related events of the infections taken from a numerous sources and organizations. We propose a graph based technique to depict relationships between malicious data based on values of attributes(More)