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A retrospective analysis is reported of 110 pregnant women with acute appendicitis on the basis of inquiry with participation of 23 surgical centres in the period 1979-1989. Attention is called mainly to diagnostic difficulties and peculiarities of the clinical course of this acute abdomen syndrome in pregnancy. The authors found that acute appendicitis was(More)
The concentration of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in serum was determined in 58 patients (35 males and 23 females) aged from 38 to 87 years treated surgically for malignant tumours of the digestive tract, including colonic carcinoma in 30, gastric carcinoma in 11, pancreatic carcinoma in 10 and oesophageal carcinoma in 7 cases. In 33 patients the tumour was(More)
Using the technique of atomic absorption spectrophotometry copper level was determined in cancerous tissues and in unchanged homologous tissues and in the plasma of 32 patients with digestive tract cancer (17 patients with squamous oesophageal cancer and 15 with large bowel adenocarcinoma). For examination the tissues were used, removed during operation. In(More)
This study was done in 81 women during early physiological menopause divided into three groups: I--controls (without densitometric features of osteoporosis, n = 29); II--osteopenia (n = 27); III--osteoporosis (n = 25). Tomography was done with Somatom Plus instrument (Siemens). Hormone levels were measured with commercial test kits. The masticatory organ(More)
Two patients are presented with recurrent inguinal hernias. In view of excessive tissue damage hernial sac adhesions and extensive scar, both hernias were closed from intraperitoneal access, suturing onto the borders of deep inguinal ring doubled leaflets of Dallop fascia. The authors consider this method of hernia closures as recommendable and safe.
The authors carried out preliminary clinical evaluation of usefulness of the knitted vascular prostheses Protegraft DV 1900 of B. Braun Melsungen AG's firm. 10 prostheses of that firm were used for investigation implanting biforked protheses to six patients and single prostheses to four patients. Such qualities were taken into account: their behaviour in(More)
Bezafibrate, a potent hypolipidemic agent, was studied as potentially preventive in the atherosclerosis-associated vascular hyperresponsiveness to alpha-adrenoceptors agonists in rats. Contractile responses to norepinephrine (NE) were determined in isolated tail arteries of rats fed an atherogenic or a standard diet. Atherogenic diet was biochemically(More)
The pathologic conditions caused by forgotten surgical gauze give rise to many different clinical pictures and are very hazardous for the patient. Such patient are seldom reported in the medical literature, mainly due to legal implications. That's why authors describe a case of surgical gauze forgotten after gynecologist procedure. The interval between the(More)