Adam Knapp

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Detection and discrimination of compound grating stimuli were examined in foveal and peripheral vision. At the fovea, stimuli containing two components (spatial frequencies F and 3F) can be discriminated on the basis of their relative spatial phase when the 3F component is at a contrast below its independent detection threshold. This is no longer the case(More)
Multiple myeloma is a malignancy of the cells of the immune system that frequently involves the eye. Cysts of the ciliary body have been reported in 33-50% of myeloma patients, and retinal vascular lesions have been reported in up to 66%. Corneal and orbital involvement is less common. In this review, systemic and immunologic aspects of multiple myeloma are(More)
LTE/LTE-A systems use pilot or reference signals for channel estimation occupying a significant part of the time-frequency grid. In this paper the efficiency of channel equalization over a flat-fading channel is analysed taking into account the estimation error. Closed form formulas are provided to calculate symbol-to-error ratio depending on the estimation(More)
New sophisticated solutions are required in next generation networks to provide appropriate quality of service for users. The introduction of small cells in Long Term Evolution (LTE) raises numerous problems along with undoubted advantages to the engineers and researchers. In this paper a new handover decision algorithm is described for two-tier(More)
Delivery of multimedia transmission in mobile networks requires appropriate coverage and enough capacity to provide Quality of Service. Femtocell systems can be suitable network components to handle these challenges. State of the art mobile and wireless networks introduce MIMO transmitters and receivers to increase available capacity significantly in(More)
Extending conventional LTE systems with small cells offer new horizon in mobile communications to provide better coverage and enhance capacity. OFDM-based air interfaces allow sharing this capacity in a very flexible way. MIMO transmitters and receivers introduce significant increase in capacity in exchange of very sophisticated signal processing(More)
The application of network coding in wireless environment provides a new horizon for throughput enhancement. By means of network coding the throughput of a network can be increased very efficiency. In this paper we use a family of constant dimension subspace codes called lifted rank-metric coding (LRMC) and investigate its performance in a general wireless(More)
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