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“Tell Me Who Your Enemies Are”: Government Reports About the “Cult” Phenomenon in Israel
Between 1982 and 2011, four Israeli governmental reports addressing ostensible dangers from “cults” (new religious movements, or NRMs) were issued. The 1980s reports use a collectivist discourse, inExpand
How I learned to channel: Epistemology, phenomenology, and practice in a New Age course
New Age channeling aims at intimate and daily contact with benevolent incorporeal entities. In an Israeli channeling course, students learn to interpret external events in a new light and to monitorExpand
Messages for the End: Eschatological Thought in Twentieth Century Channeling
A prevalent belief among New Age adherents is that a new golden epoch is about to dawn. Channels, claiming to relay messages from disembodied entities, have been pivotal in shaping and spreading thisExpand
The cultivation of ‘wild channeling’: lived religion as a normalizing force
ABSTRACT Channeling, a New Age form of spirit mediumship, is a hyper-individualized religiosity, with proponents claiming that each person can create his/her own reality. Yet, most channels hold toExpand