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The use of anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) has moved from the bench to the bedside. The experience with the anti-human CD3 mAb OKT3 for treatment of transplant rejection identified limitations that were largely overcome with the creation of humanized non-FcR binding antibodies: Teplizumab, Otelixizumab and Visilizumab. Preclinical studies showed the(More)
This randomized pilot study investigated the effects of meditation with yoga (and psychoeducation) versus group therapy with hypnosis (and psychoeducation) versus psychoeducation alone on diagnostic status and symptom levels among 46 individuals with long-term depressive disorders. Results indicate that significantly more meditation group participants(More)
Reference strains and clinical isolates of Peptococcus and Peptostreptococcus spp. were evaluated for their growth response in supplemented thioglycolate-yeast extract media. Supplements used included various combinations of hemin, menadione, sodium bicarbonate, and Tween 80. Parallel studies were done to compare the efficiency of recovery of viable cells(More)
Microbial samples from the oral cavities of cystic fibrosis (C.F.) patients and 20 age-matched normal control subjects were characterized. Mucoid variant Pseudomonas aeruginosa was isolated from the tongue, buccal mucosa, and saliva of C.F. patients only. Analysis of the data suggests that the oral cavity is a potential reservoir for this organism.(More)
Clinical isolates of Peptococcus and Peptostreptococcus species and Streptococcus intermedius strains were obtained from local hospitals. After confirmed identification, each isolate was tested for the in vitro production of deoxyribonuclease, ribonuclease, coagulase, and hemolysins. Of the 60 strains studied, 18 had enzymatic activity. The variability of(More)
  • Francesco Sobbrio, Francesco Sobbrioy, +8 authors Maria Petrova
  • 2009
In this paper, we study a model where voters have state-contingent preferences over policies and lobbies engage in in ‡uence activities to a¤ect the information that a media outlet collects on the state of the world. The media outlet acts as a " …lter " between lobbies and voters. It has to decide what to communicate to voters given the information it(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to develop a serological procedure for rapid identification of the following fiveBacteroides species:Bacteroides distasonis, Bacteroides fragilis, Bacteroides ovatus, Bacteroides uniformis, andBacteroides vulgatus. The outer membrane fractions were assayed using SDS-polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoretic techniques.(More)
Mycoplasma have been identified in one case of juvenile periodontitis by size, morphology, hemadsorption and cultural techniques. These microorganisms were found on the surface of the tooth, on the surface of pocket epithelium and invading the gingival epithelium and adjacent connective tissue. These observations suggest the need for further studies on the(More)
California, and the FMA doctoral student consortium for their helpful comments and suggestions. Abstract In this paper I show that if risk-averse agents prefer both to be richer in absolute terms and to be richer than their peers (relative-wealth concerns), then 1) they will prefer positive correlation between their payos and the payos of other agents, and(More)