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There is increasing demand for reliable, high-resolution vegetation maps covering large areas. Airborne laser scanning data is available for large areas with high resolution and supports automatic processing, therefore, it is well suited for habitat mapping. Lowland hay meadows are widespread habitat types in European grasslands, and also have one of the(More)
Natura 2000 Habitat Conservation Status is currently evaluated based on fieldwork. However, this is proving to be unfeasible over large areas. The use of remote sensing is increasingly encouraged but covering the full range of ecological variables by such datasets and ensuring compatibility with the traditional assessment methodology has not been achieved(More)
In this study, we evaluate the factors which determine the reactivity of divalent metal ions in the spontaneous formation of metallochlorophylls, using experimental and computational approaches. Kinetic studies were carried out using pheophytin a in reactions with various divalent metal ions combined with non- or weakly-coordinative counter ions in a series(More)
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