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The Virtue of Hope
I argue that hope is a virtue insofar as it (1) leads to a more realistic view of the future than dispositions like optimism and pessimism, (2) promotes courage, and (3) encourages an important kindExpand
Flouting the demands of justice? Physician participation in executions.
  • Adam Kadlac
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of medicine and philosophy
  • 1 October 2014
Although the justice of capital punishment may render it permissible for physicians to participate in the execution process, the experience of physicians also sheds important light on whether the death penalty is morally justified. Expand
Contemplating the Start of Someone
Fostering hope in the face of death
I contend that hope can be of significant value to individuals even as they acknowledge that there is no cure for their affliction. In particular, I argue that it is good for such patients to hopeExpand
Appreciating Uncertainty and Personal Preference in Genetic Testing
  • Adam Kadlac
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Narrative inquiry in bioethics
  • 2015
This commentary argues that as of now, the nature of the information revealed in genetic tests should lead to cautious views about the value of genetic testing, and that overall views about such testing should account for the fact that individuals place different sorts of value on the possession of their own genetic information. Expand
Does it matter whether we do wrong?
This paper examines the relationship between monadic and bipolar forms of normativity. As the distinction is usually drawn, monadic normativity concerns whether a given action is right or wrong whileExpand
Humanizing Personhood
This paper explores the debate between personists, who argue that the concept of a person if of central importance for moral thought, and personists, who argue that the concept of a human being is ofExpand
Commentary Appreciating Uncertainty and Personal Pr eference in Genetic Testing
Genetic testing seems to hold out hope for the cure of a number of debilitating conditions. At the same time, many people fear the information that genetic testing can make available. In thisExpand