Adam John Ritchie

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This study examined the association between 17p allelic loss, p53 gene mutation, p53 protein expression and DNA aneuploidy in a series of adenocarcinomas arising in the oesophagus and gastric cardia. 17p allelic loss was detected in 79% (15 of 19) of oesophageal and in 83% (29 of 35) of gastric adenocarcinomas. p53 mutations were detected in 70% (14 of 20)(More)
To identify chromosomal loci involved in the development of proximal gastric adenocarcinoma, this study delineated the pattern of allelic imbalance in a series of 38 adenocarcinomas arising in the gastric cardia. A total of 137 microsatellite markers covering all autosomal arms, excluding acrocentric arms, were analysed. A mean of 35 out of a total of 39(More)
HIV-1-specific T lymphocyte responses in individuals exposed to HIV-1 but who remain persistently seronegative (HESNs) have been reported in some but not all previous studies. This study was designed to resolve unequivocally the question of whether HESNs make HIV-1-specific T cell responses. We performed a blind investigation to measure HIV-1-specific T(More)
HIV-exposed and yet persistently uninfected individuals have been an intriguing, repeated observation in multiple studies, but uncertainty persists on the significance and implications of this in devising protective strategies against HIV. We carried out a cross-sectional analysis of exposed uninfected partners in a Ugandan cohort of heterosexual(More)
BACKGROUND The CHAVI002 study was designed to characterize immune responses, particularly HIV-specific T-cell responses, amongst 2 cohorts of HIV-exposed seronegative (HESN) individuals. The absence of a clear definition of HESNs has impaired comparison of research within and between such cohorts. This report describes two distinct HESN cohorts and attempts(More)
This paper describes the steps taken by the British Medical Research Council (MRC) in developing the MRC RE01 trial, a randomized clinical trial for patients with metastatic renal cancer; we discuss the reasons for adopting a triangular sequential design and the impact that this has upon the monitoring of the trial. It had been suggested to the MRC that a(More)
A major immune evasion mechanism of HIV-1 is the accumulation of non-synonymous mutations in and around T cell epitopes, resulting in loss of T cell recognition and virus escape. Here we analyze primary CD8+ T cell responses and virus escape in a HLA B*81 expressing subject who was infected with two T/F viruses from a single donor. In addition to classic(More)
OVERVIEW A critically needed element of transformation is to enable interoperation of alliance and coalition Command and Control (C2) and Modelling and Simulation (M&S) systems. Battlefield Management Language (BML) is being developed as a common representation of military mission suitable for automated processing. Within NATO the task group MSG-048 "(More)
BACKGROUND Fibromuscular dysplasia is a non-atherosclerotic noninflammatory vascular disease that can affect any vascular bed. Dysplasia of the intima, media, or adventitia layer of the affected arteries causes stenosis and hypertension. Pregnant or post-partum patients may present with hypertension and be mistakenly diagnosed with preeclampsia. CASE A 26(More)
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