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In 4 years the authors performed 25 cases of 'nipple' ureterocutaneostomy elaborated by them. The essence of the operation is that by using skin grafts, the stoma emerges by 1.0 to 1.5 cm above the surface of the skin. Without ureteral drainage, their patients use disposable DANSAC ileostomic urine collecting sacs which can be attached to the skin. This(More)
The experiences gained in the treatment of four patients with cystic pyeloureteritis are reported, stressing the significance of chronic inflammation in the development of the disease. Diagnostic and differential diagnostic problems are discussed with the conclusion that definitive recovery can be achieved only by radical surgical intervention. Beside this(More)
Two cases of denudation injuries of the penis and the scrotum are reviewed. In the first case a total skin erosion of the penis and scrotum has happened. In the second injury, the major part of the skin was lost. The reconstructive operations are shown in a series of photographs. Replacement of the total skin deficiency was performed by placing a(More)
Two infants, 7 children and 1 young woman have been surgically treated for ureteral ectopy in the Departments of Paediatrics and of Urology of the Medical University of Pécs over the last 15 years (1974-1989). The girl/boy ratio was 8/2. In girls, who were otherwise toilet-trained with a normal voiding pattern, constant wetting and urinary infection were(More)
The authors demonstrate the management of erectile impotence by using Papaverin or the combination of Papaverin-Regitin and its overdosing. The overdosing should be put in mind when using these drugs. The authors also demonstrate three types of priapisms. In according to the management of 72 cases priapism, the authors are advising the irrigation of the(More)
A method is described for modeling the effects of spatial apertures on optical sensor systems. The method consists of defining a set of basis functions that is obtained by partitioning the aperture image plane into a series of rectangular regions and replacing the field in each rectangular subregion with an orthogonal function series approximation. Each(More)
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