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A system-on-chip allowing dynamic measurement and processing of the most important human physiological parameters has been presented. The BioChip consists of analog front-ends, analog to digital converters and a two core 32-bit microcontroller Azurite. The two core architecture allows to control the signals' acquisition, data processing and communication(More)
Diseases resulting from obesity are increasing problem in modern society. To limit this problem research on effective therapy is indispensable. Interesting method may be stimulation of the neural system, allowing to control appetite. During our work on this subject it became necessary to design VLSI chip allowing to analyze neural impulses. In this paper(More)
Background. The humerus is a common localisation of cancer metastases. The restoration of anatomical order and tumor resection within humerus is important for patients quality of everyday life and for their pain relief. The surgical treatment is one of the most important part of the whole oncological ways of tratment.<br /> The study objective was a(More)
Background. The objective of this paper is efficacy assesment of partial bone resection procedure with subsequent joint exchange as a method of skeletal cancer metastases and pathological fractures surgical treatment within hip and shoulder among patients in our own experience.<br /> Material and methods. 79 patients operated between 1997 and 2002 were(More)
Parameters of interconnection lines have an effect on the electrical parameters of modern VLSI chips, so precise models of interconnection capacitances are indispensable in verification of the design. In our previous works we have shown importance of geometric configuration of the interconnection bus, taking into account further neighbourhood, and proposed(More)
This paper deals with the design and implementation of transmitter and receiver modules for pulse oximeter system. First, the fundamentals of noninvasive method for monitoring the oxygen saturation are briefly described. Next, two proposed modules and their monolithic implementations are presented and discussed. These sections describe the integrated(More)
Background. The objective of this paper is an efficacy analysis of surgical treatment of femoral bone cancer metasases depending on surgical technique and tumor localisation.<br /> Material and methods. 144 patients who underwent surgery in 1996-2002 were assesed. In 32 patients with proximal femur matastases tumor resection and angled plate stabilisation(More)
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