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In this paper, we present a new algorithm that can identify in polynomial time and data using positive examples any class of subsequential functions that share a particular finite-state structure. While this structure is given to the learner a priori, it allows for the exact learning of partial functions, and both the time and data complexity of the(More)
We compared the stress pattern data found in Jeffrey Heinz's Stress Pattern Database (SPD) and Harry van der Hulst and Rob Goedemans' StressTyp (ST1) database, in order to convert both to one format so that they could be merged into a singular database (StressTyp 2, ST2). A primary issue was the differing descriptive shorthands to represent the source text(More)
The paper demonstrates that aspects of resilience of supervisory Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) can be improved through the inclusion of appropriate learning modules in the subordinate autonomous agents. During normal operation, individual agents keep track of their supervisor's commands and utilize the learning module, based on Grammatical Inference, to(More)