Adam J. Stevenson

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This paper estimates the effects of same-sex marriage legalization on federal income tax revenue using changes in taxation generated from the 2003 Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act. These estimates rely critically on the responsiveness of labor supply and marital choice to changes in the tax code. In addition, this paper proposes a novel measure(More)
Macroporous ceramics exhibit an intrinsic strength variability caused by the random distribution of defects in their structure. However, the precise role of microstructural features, other than pore volume, on reliability is still unknown. Here, we analyze the applicability of the Weibull analysis to unidirectional macroporous yttria-stabilized-zirconia(More)
We show that the honeycomb out-of-plane model derived by Gibson and Ashby can be applied to describe the compressive behavior of unidirectional porous materials. Ice-templating allowed us to process samples with accurate control over pore volume, size, and morphology. These samples allowed us to evaluate the effect of this microstructural variations on the(More)
This paper estimates the monetary return to quality in U.S. graduate education , controlling for cognitive ability and self-selection across award level, program quality, and field-of-study. In most program types, I cannot reject the hypothesis of no returns to either degree completion or program quality. Important exceptions include master's programs in(More)
We investigate the gas flow behavior of unidirectional porous ceramics processed by ice-templating. The pore volume ranged between 54% and 72% and pore size between 2.9 [Formula: see text]m and 19.1 [Formula: see text]m. The maximum permeability ([Formula: see text] [Formula: see text] m[Formula: see text]) was measured in samples with the highest total(More)
Website: I maintain a Canvas site for this course. It contains lecture notes, homework assignments and answers, old exams, and all required readings. Scores of all assignments will be posted. We will also be using M+Box (which is integrated into Canvas) for electronic submission of writing assignments. Purpose We study the economic approach to the analysis(More)