Adam J. Sierakowski

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The antisaccade task provides a powerful tool with which to investigate the cognitive and neural systems underlying goal-directed behaviour, particularly in situations when the correct behavioural response requires the suppression of a prepotent response. Antisaccade errors (failures to suppress reflexive prosaccades towards sudden-onset targets) are(More)
Let (A, G) be a C*-dynamical system with G discrete. In this paper we investigate the ideal structure of the reduced crossed product C*-algebra and in particular we determine sufficient – and in some cases also necessary – conditions for A to separate the ideals in A⋊r G. When A separates the ideals in A ⋊r G, then there is a one-to-one correspondence(More)
This study reports the results of Swanson replacement of 131 DIP joints for painful osteoarthritis and two for ongoing pain after injury. Thirty-seven arthroplasties (28 patients) were carried out with extensor tendon division and repair, and postoperative immobilization for 8 weeks. Ninety-four (60 patients) were then carried out without tendon division,(More)
This paper presents outcomes after 13, 4, and 3½ years in three digital amputees treated with osseointegrated prostheses. One had prosthetic replacement of the index and middle fingers at the PIP level. The second had four fingers replaced at the PIP level, but only three prostheses were retained. The third had a thumb replacement at the MCP level.(More)
We report on a case of metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma in a 74-year-old patient with positive staining for thyroid transcription factor-1. This represents a new immunohistochemical staining pattern for Merkel cell carcinoma and has implications regarding the accurate diagnosis of this tumor type.
This paper describes a syndrome of entrapment of the infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve attributable to its anatomical relationship to the sartorius muscle and justifies its identification as a distinct entity. Surgery was performed on four knees in three patients for localized pain and tenderness. The infrapatellar nerve was found entrapped behind(More)
Soft tissue sarcomas in the thumb are rare, but often require amputation to ensure tumour clearance. This can severely impair the use of the entire upper limb and negatively impact quality of life. We describe a 63-year-old male patient with a large malignant fibrous histiocytoma affecting the base of his dominant right thumb. A wide resection of this(More)
Some patients develop excessive peripheral nerve pain beyond that normally experienced after injury or surgery. Managing this pain can be a difficult and frustrating experience for both the surgeon and patient concerned. We present a system for the classification, assessment and treatment of painful neuromas of the upper limb.