Adam J R Kent

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Many tholeiitic and transitional pillow-rim and fragmental glasses from Loihi seamount, Hawaii, have high Cl contents and Cl/K2O ratios (and ratios of Cl to other incompatible components, such as P2O5, H2O, etc.) relative to other Hawaiian subaerial volcanoes (e.g., Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, and Kilauea). We suggest that this results from widespread(More)
[1] Sr-Nd-Os-O isotope and major and trace element data from 62 Ma picrites from Baffin Island constrain the composition of mantle sources sampled at the inception of North Atlantic Igneous Province (NAIP) magmatism. We recognize two compositional types. Depleted (N-type) lavas have low Sr/Sri (0.702990–0.703060) and Os/Osi (0.1220–0.1247) and high Nd/Ndi(More)
We present the results of melting experiments on a moderately depleted peridotite composition (DMM1) at 10 kbar and 1250±1390 C. Specially designed experiments demonstrate that liquids extracted into aggregates of vitreous carbon spheres maintained chemical contact with the bulk charge down to melt fractions of 0 02±0 04 and approached equilibrium closely.(More)
erties, and thus leads to questions about the unconditional use of Darcy’s Law for multiphase flow probPore-scale multiphase flow experiments were developed to nondelems. Mortensen and coworkers used a quantitative light structively visualize water flow in a sample of porous material using X-ray microtomography. The samples were exposed to similar(More)
We have measured the rates of chemical diffusion of Mg in calcite and Ca in magnesite and used these new data to constrain the formation temperature and thermal history of carbonates in the Martian meteorite ALH84001. Our data have been collected at lower temperatures than in previous studies and provide improved constraints on carbonate formation during(More)
Sm-Nd ages of pegmatite dikes that crosscut gold-bearing structures in the southern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, provide minimum age constraints of 2640 6 11 Ma, 2628 6 10 Ma, and 2620 6 36 Ma for gold mineralization at the Westonia and Nevoria (Yellowdine Terrane) and Scotia (Norseman Terrane) gold deposits, respectively. Similarly, a post–gold(More)
[1] We present major, trace element, and Pb‐Sr‐Nd‐Hf isotope data for Quaternary basalt and basaltic andesite lavas from cross‐chain volcanoes in the northern Izu (N‐Izu) arc. Lavas from Izu‐Oshima, Toshima, Udonejima, and Niijima islands show consistent chemical changes with depth to the Wadati‐Benioff zone, from 120 km beneath Izu‐Oshima to 180 km beneath(More)
We report major element, boron, lithium, and water (present as structurally bound hydroxyl) contents for a suite of ten mantle-derived olivine crystals, measured by electron microprobe, secondary ion mass spectrometry, and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy. Water measurements are based on re-analysis and/or re-processing of data previously reported in(More)
Silicic volcanic eruptions pose considerable hazards, yet the processes leading to these eruptions remain poorly known. A missing link is knowledge of the thermal history of magma feeding such eruptions, which largely controls crystallinity and therefore eruptability. We have determined the thermal history of individual zircon crystals from an eruption of(More)