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There is little information from independent sources in the public domain about mobile malware infection rates. The only previous independent estimate (0.0009%) [11], was based on indirect measurements obtained from domain-name resolution traces. In this paper, we present the first independent study of malware infection rates and associated risk factors(More)
This paper gives an overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer. This is a jointly funded research partnership between IBM and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as part of the United States Department of Energy ASCI Advanced Architecture Research Program. Application performance and scaling studies have recently been initiated with partners at a(More)
As the complexity of distributed computing systems increases, systems management tasks require significantly higher levels of automation; examples include diagnosis and prediction based on real-time streams of computer events, setting alarms, and performing continuous monitoring. The core of <i>autonomic computing</i>, a recently proposed initiative towards(More)
Cooperative checkpointing increases the performance and robustness of a system by allowing checkpoints requested by applications to be dynamically skipped at runtime. A robust system must be more than merely resilient to failures; it must be adaptable and flexible in the face of new and evolving challenges. A simulation-based experimental analysis using(More)
We aim to detect and diagnose <i>energy anomalies</i>, abnormally heavy battery use. This paper describes a collaborative black-box method, and an implementation called Carat, for diagnosing anomalies on mobile devices. A client app sends intermittent, coarse-grained measurements to a server, which correlates higher expected energy use with client(More)