Adam J. Johnson

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Protein kinase CK2 is a pleiotropic tetrameric enzyme, regulating numerous biological processes from cell proliferation to stress response. This study demonstrates for the first time that CK2 is involved in the regulation of metal uptake and toxicity in neuronal cells. After the determination of inhibitory concentrations (IC50) for a range of metal salts(More)
Arsenic is omnipresent in soil, air, food and water. Chronic exposure to arsenic is a serious problem to human health. In-depth understanding of this metalloid's toxicity is a fundamental step towards development of arsenic-free foods and measures for bioremediation. By screening the complete set of gene deletion mutants (4873) of Saccharomyces cerevisiae,(More)
UNLABELLED HOM6 is a major gene in the aspartate pathway which leads to biosynthesis of threonine and methionine. The phenotypes of the gene deletion mutant (hom6∆) in a variety of cultural conditions have previously provided meaningful insights into the biological roles of HOM6 and its upstream intermediate metabolites. Here, we conducted a survey on a(More)
The pleiotropic serine/threonine protein kinase CK2 was the first kinase discovered. It is renowned for its role in cell proliferation and anti-apoptosis. The complexity of this kinase is well reflected by the findings of past decades in terms of its heterotetrameric structure, subcellular location, constitutive activity and the extensive catalogue of(More)
Chromium toxicity is increasingly relevant to living organisms such as humans, due to the environmental contamination of chromium and the application of stainless steel-based medical devices like hip prostheses. Despite the investigations in past years, the molecular details for chromium toxicity remain to be delineated. In this study, we seek to gain(More)
Yeast AP-1 transcription factor (Yap1p) and the enigmatic oxidoreductases Oye2p and Oye3p are involved in counteracting lipid oxidants and their unsaturated breakdown products. In order to uncover the response to linoleic acid hydroperoxide (LoaOOH) and the roles of Oye2p, Oye3p and Yap1p, we carried out proteomic analysis of the homozygous deletion mutants(More)
Metal ions, biologically essential or toxic, are present in the surrounding environment of living organisms. Understanding their uptake, homeostasis or detoxification is critical in cell biology and human health. In this study, we investigated the role of protein kinase CK2 in metal toxicity using gene deletion strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae against a(More)
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