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We give an O(nd + n log n) algorithm computing the number of minimum (s, t)-cuts in weighted planar graphs, where n is the number of vertices and d is the length of the shortest s-t path in the corresponding unweighted graph. Previously, Ball and Provan gave a polynomial-time algorithm for unweighted planar graphs with both s and t lying on the outer face.(More)
UNLABELLED The purposes of this study were: to describe chest CT findings in normal non-smoking controls and cigarette smokers with and without COPD; to compare the prevalence of CT abnormalities with severity of COPD; and to evaluate concordance between visual and quantitative chest CT (QCT) scoring. METHODS Volumetric inspiratory and expiratory CT scans(More)
Input: a positively weighted (directed) planar graph G=(V,E) and two vertices s,t Output: the number of minimum (s,t)-cuts of G Example: Recall: (s,t)-cut is a set S⊆V containing s but not t; its weight is the sum of edge weights out of S s t 5 2 1 4 2 2 4 3 3 1 3 3 1 The problem: Counting minimum (s,t)-cuts Input: a positively weighted (directed) planar(More)
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