Adam J. Forsyth

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AIMS This paper aims to demonstrate whether a relationship exists between adolescent drug use and identification with styles of music linked to specific youth culture. DESIGN Survey data were collected by researchers, under exam conditions, from two contrasting samples of Scottish secondary schoolchildren. SETTING Fieldwork was conducted in five(More)
The drug use and crime of 210 teenage licit and illicit drug users were examined. Over 90% of the sample, including non-users, soft drug users, opioid users and injectors, were obtained via the same 'snowball' of friends and acquaintances. None had been injecting for more than 2 years. It was found that the frequency of use of all licit and illict drugs and(More)
There has been concern over the growing misuse of buprenorphine and temazepam in Scotland. In interviews with 78 clients of Glasgow drug agencies during 1989-1990, it was found that buprenorphine and temazepam are now more widely and frequently misused than heroin or other opiates. Fifty-eight percent of buprenorphine users used six to seven days weekly.(More)
A sample of Scottish schoolchildren (N=1240) were asked a series of questions about their consumption of alcoholic beverages. Those who had consumed alcohol were asked about the circumstances of their last drinking occasion. That is, what alcoholic drink(s) they consumed, how they obtained this alcohol and where they were when they drank it. This was done(More)
Accepting that opioid use and crime are associated and develop together, amongst opioid-using criminals the need for opioids may cause crime on a day-to-day basis or both may tend to be determined by some other set of factors. Previous studies have either failed to allow for such other factors, or have failed to compare opioid users to adequate control(More)
A recent official report on the Scottish Diet reviews evidence for poor health and poor diets among the Scots, and makes extensive and specific recommendations about dietary change. This paper examines the extent to which reported consumption of fifteen of the food groups discussed in that report vary among four neighbourhoods in Glasgow City. Some foods(More)
In recent years much attention has been drawn to the use of buprenorphine (Temgesic) by heroin injectors in Glasgow and elsewhere. Glasgow has also witnessed a parallel increase in use of the benzodiazapine temazepam, often used as a 'cocktail' with buprenorphine. This paper presents new evidence that, although buprenorphine use among Glasgow drug injectors(More)
We present a study of the influence of interparticle cohesive forces on the packing of spheres. This is achieved by changing the external magnetic field on iron spheres in the millimeter size range. The force of cohesion between two spheres is measured by opposing magnetic and gravitational force. The void fraction of the bed resulting from many spheres(More)