Adam J A J Ortega

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Developing tooth enamel is formed as organized mineral in a specialized protein matrix. In order to analyze patterns of enamel mineralization and enamel protein expression in species representative of the main extant vertebrate lineages, we investigated developing teeth in a chondrichthyan, the horn shark, a teleost, the guppy, a urodele amphibian, the(More)
Vertebrate enamel formation is a unique synthesis of the function of highly specialized enamel proteins and their effect on the growth and organization of apatite crystals. Among tetrapods, the physical structure of enamel is highly conserved, while there is a greater variety of enameloid tooth coverings in fish. In the present study, we postulated that in(More)
INTRODUCTION Orthodontists have used various compliance-dependent physical means such as headgears and intraoral appliances to prevent anchorage loss. The aim of this study was to determine whether 1 local application of the bisphosphonate zoledronate could be used to prevent anchorage loss during extraction space closure in rats. METHODS Thirty rats had(More)
Pressure relief valve is one of the most important devices used on the security of pipelines, since it is responsible to guarantee the integrity of the installations. Generally, the response and behavior of a relief valve during its transient is unknown by users, who employ simplified and static analysis to design the pipeline, further, the information(More)
The present paper reports the results of an ongoing project aimed at providing statistical information on slugs in two-phase flow in a horizontal pipe. To this end, the flow was examined experimentally and numerically. On the experimental side, three non-intrusive optical techniques were combined and employed to determine the velocity field and bubble(More)
Direct acting spring loaded pressure relief valve is one of the most important devices to ensure security to pipeline oil transport. However, relief valves’ manufactures generally only provide information on valve characteristics under full opening stage, which is obtained under steady state regime, therefore, valve and flow’s transient behavior are(More)
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