Adam Harmat

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Power Doppler ultrasound is used to localize the tip of a needle by detecting physical vibrations. Two types of vibrations are investigated, lateral and axial. The lateral vibrations are created by rotating a stylet, whose tip is slightly bent, inside a stationary cannula while the stylet is completely within the cannula. The minute deflection at the needle(More)
A novel real-time pose estimation system is presented for solving the visual simultaneous localization and mapping problem using a rigid set of central cameras arranged such that there is no overlap in their fields-of-view. A new parameterization for point feature position using a spherical coordinate update is formulated which isolates system parameters(More)
Ground effect on rotary aircraft has been studied for many decades. Although a large body of research results is now available for conventional helicopters, this topic is just beginning to receive attention in the unmanned aerial vehicle community, particularly for small size UAVs. The objective of this paper is to assess the applicability of a widely-used(More)
Collision avoidance for small unmanned aerial vehicles operating in a variety of environments is limited by the types of available depth sensors. Currently, there are no sensors that are lightweight, function outdoors in sunlight, and cover enough of a field of view to be useful in complex environments, although many sensors excel in one or two of these(More)
This paper presents the integration of a fast fluid solver based on the vortex particle method with an open source robot simulation environment for the purpose of simulating wind in urban areas. It is desired for the wind simulation to run at realtime speeds so that high-level landing behaviors can be developed for a small rotary-wing UAV. Due to the(More)
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