Adam Harman

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We examined the retinal ganglion cell layer of the dromedary camel, Camelus dromedarius. We have estimated that there are 8 million neurons in the ganglion cell layer of this large retina (mean area of 2,300 mm(-2)). However, only approximately 1 million are considered to be ganglion cells. The ganglion cells are arranged as two areas of high cell density,(More)
The ability of bone to resist catastrophic failure is critically dependent upon the material properties of bone matrix, a composite of hydroxyapatite, collagen type I, and noncollagenous proteins. These properties include elastic modulus, hardness, and fracture toughness. Like other aspects of bone quality, matrix material properties are(More)
Most species of eutherian (placental) mammals examined have two types of horizontal cell, one is axonless and the other has a short axon. We have recently shown that a marsupial, the quokka wallaby, also has two types of horizontal cell and that the axonless cell in this species has unusual stubby processes that pass through the inner nuclear layer to reach(More)
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