Adam Hall

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Mortality and morbidity of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome remain high because of the lack of pharmacological therapies to prevent injury or promote repair. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) prevent lung injury in various experimental models, despite a low proportion of donor-derived cell engraftment, suggesting that MSCs exert their(More)
The effects of interventions within a high-care psychiatric ward, based upon the principles of a therapeutic community, were evaluated. Interventions included an enhanced physical environment, improved communication, clear rules and aims, and improved safety procedures. A Ward Atmosphere Scale, an Attitude Scale, and interviews with staff indicated(More)
Many melanoma cells are resistant to the anti-proliferative effect of all trans retinoic acid (ATRA). Retinoic Acid Receptor-beta2 (RAR-beta2) mediates the ATRA growth inhibition. We found a correlation between the anti-proliferative activity of ATRA and expression of RAR-beta2. There was not a strict correlation between DNA methylation of RAR-beta gene and(More)
A miniature, planar, differential ion mobility spectrometer (DMS) was interfaced to an LCQ classic ion trap to conduct selective ion filtration prior to mass analysis in order to extend the dynamic range of the trap. Space charge effects are known to limit the functional ion storage capacity of ion trap mass analyzers and this, in turn, can affect the(More)
UNLABELLED Gemma is a database, analysis software system and web site for genomics data re-use and meta-analysis. Currently, Gemma contains analyzed data from over 3300 expression profiling studies, yielding hundreds of millions of differential expression results and coexpression patterns (correlated expression) for retrieval and visualization. With(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the extent of heat load problems, caused by the combination of excessive temperature and humidity, in Holstein-Friesian cows in Australia. Also, to outline how milk production losses and consequent costs from this can be estimated and minimised. PROCEDURES Long-term meteorological data for Australia were analysed to determine the(More)
Forensic drug laboratories are inundated with cases requiring time-consuming GC- or LC-based chromatographic separations of submitted samples. High-throughput analytical methods would be of great practical utility within forensic drug analysis. Recently developed ion-mobility-based separation methods combined with mass spectrometry can often be used without(More)
RATIONALE There is continued interest in exploring new analytical technologies for the detection and quantitation of DNA adducts, biomarkers which provide direct evidence of exposure and genetic damage in cells. With the goal of reducing clean-up steps and improving sample throughput, a Differential Mobility Spectrometry/Mass Spectrometry (DMS/MS) platform(More)
RATIONALE Commercial spices represent an emerging class of fuels for improvised explosives. Being able to classify such spices not only by type but also by brand would represent an important step in developing methods to analytically investigate these explosive compositions. Therefore, a combined ambient mass spectrometric/chemometric approach was developed(More)