Adam Grycner

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Relational phrases (e.g., “got married to”) and their hypernyms (e.g., “is a relative of”) are central for many tasks including question answering, open information extraction, paraphrasing, and entailment detection. This has motivated the development of several linguistic resources (e.g. DIRT, PATTY, and WiseNet) which systematically collect and organize(More)
The task of finding synonymous relational phrases is important in natural language understanding problems such as question answering and paraphrase detection. While this task has been addressed by many previous systems, each of these existing approaches is limited either in expressivity or in scalability. To address this challenge, we present a large-scale(More)
Knowledge Bases are one of the key components of Natural Language Understanding systems. For example, DBpedia, YAGO, and Wikidata capture and organize knowledge about named entities and relations between them, which is often crucial for tasks like Question Answering and Named Entity Disambiguation. While Knowledge Bases have good coverage of prominent(More)
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