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A highly efficient water-tolerant, solid-base catalyst for the self-condensation of biomass-derived methyl ketones to jet-diesel fuel precursors was developed by grafting site-isolated secondary amines on silica-alumina supports. It is shown that apart from the nature and density of amine groups and the spatial separation of the acidic and basic sites, the(More)
In this paper the current plans for the control system for Jefferson Lab's Infrared Free Electron Laser (FEL) are presented. The goals for the FEL control system are fourfold: 1) to use EPICS and EPICS compatible tools, 2) to use VME and IndustryPack (IPs) interfaces for FEL specific devices such as controls and diagnostics for the drive laser, high power(More)
Life-cycle analysis (LCA) allows the scientific community to identify the sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of novel routes to produce renewable fuels. Herein, we integrate LCA into our investigations of a new route to produce drop-in diesel/jet fuel by combining furfural, obtained from the catalytic dehydration of lignocellulosic pentose sugars,(More)
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