Adam Greengard

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Mice were treated intraperitoneally with vehicle or 7.5 mg kg 21 of caffeine and decapitated 15 min later. The brains were rapidly removed, and the dorsal striata were dissected out and homogenized in lysis buffer. Cdk5 was immunoprecipitated with anti-Cdk5 (C8) antibody and its activity was assayed in the absence or presence of butyrolactone (10 mM) by(More)
Presented here are experimental results of an extended depth-of-field (EDF) system using film to record the image. The EDF system used is an application of wave-front coding. A phase mask is placed in the aperture stop of the lens to code the image data; then digital signal processing is used to decode the image. Wave-front coding is based on linear systems(More)
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