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In this paper we present CMUcam3, a low-cost, open source, embedded computer vision platform. The CMUcam3 is the third generation of the CMUcam system and is designed to provide a flexible and easy to use open source development environment along with a more powerful hardware platform. The goal of the system is to provide simple vision capabilities to small(More)
Similarity measurement is a critical component in content-based image retrieval systems, and learning a good distance metric can significantly improve retrieval performance. However, despite extensive study, there are several major shortcomings with the existing approaches for distance metric learning that can significantly affect their application to(More)
Based on adaptive control of thought-rational (ACT-R), a cognitive architecture for cognitive modeling, researchers have developed an information-processing model to predict the blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) response of functional MRI in symbol manipulation tasks. As an extension of this research, the current event-related functional MRI study(More)
The AAAI Robot Challenge was established four years ago as a “grand challenge” for mobile robots. The main objectives of the Challenge are to (a) provide a task that will demonstrate a high level of intelligence and autonomy for robots acting in a natural, peopled, dynamic environment, (b) stimulate state-of-the-art robotics research to address this task,(More)
STUDY DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analysis. OBJECTIVES To identify, analyze, and synthesize the literature to determine which physical examination tests, if any, accurately diagnose a torn tibial meniscus. BACKGROUND Knee pain has a lifetime prevalence of up to 45%, and as many as 31% of individuals with knee pain will consult a general(More)
OBJECTIVE To compile and critique research on the diagnostic accuracy of individual orthopaedic physical examination tests in a manner that would allow clinicians to judge whether these tests are valuable to their practice. METHODS A computer-assisted literature search of MEDLINE, CINAHL, and SPORTDiscus databases (1966 to October 2006) using keywords(More)
OBJECTIVE To update our previously published systematic review and meta-analysis by subjecting the literature on shoulder physical examination (ShPE) to careful analysis in order to determine each tests clinical utility. METHODS This review is an update of previous work, therefore the terms in the Medline and CINAHL search strategies remained the same(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of chronic neck pain in North Carolina, to describe health care use (providers, treatments, and diagnostic testing) for chronic neck pain, and to correlate health care use with the current best evidence. METHODS We used data from a cross-sectional telephone survey of a representative sample of North Carolina households(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery for hip femoroacetabular impingement/acetabular labral tear (FAI/ALT) is exponentially increasing despite lacking investigation of the accuracy of various diagnostic measures. Useful clinical utility of these measures is necessary to support diagnostic imaging and subsequent surgical decision-making. OBJECTIVE Summarise/evaluate the(More)
OBJECTIVE Investigate the influence of external factors such as depression and BMI among subjects with primary severe low back pain (LBP) and low back related leg pain (LBLP). BACKGROUND The report of disability in patients with LBP may be significantly influenced by confounding and moderating variables. No similar studies have examined the influence of(More)