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In this paper we present CMUcam3, a low-cost, open source, embedded computer vision platform. The CMUcam3 is the third generation of the CMUcam system and is designed to provide a flexible and easy to use open source development environment along with a more powerful hardware platform. The goal of the system is to provide simple vision capabilities to small(More)
Based on adaptive control of thought-rational (ACT-R), a cognitive architecture for cognitive modeling, researchers have developed an information-processing model to predict the blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) response of functional MRI in symbol manipulation tasks. As an extension of this research, the current event-related functional MRI study(More)
Similarity measurement is a critical component in content-based image retrieval systems, and learning a good distance metric can significantly improve retrieval performance. However, despite extensive study, there are several major shortcomings with the existing approaches for distance metric learning that can significantly affect their application to(More)
In an attempt to solve as much of the AAAI Robot Challenge as possible, five research institutions representing academia, industry and government, integrated their research in a single robot named GRACE.Thispaperdescribesthisfirstyeareffortbythe GRACE team, and describes not only the various techniqueseachparticipantbroughttoGRACE,butalso(More)
In this functional-MRI study we examined the hypothesis that the prefrontal cortex responds differently to the extent of competition during retrieval, whereas the parietal cortex is responsible for problem representation that should not be directly related to the competition. Participants mastered arbitrary person-location pairs, and their recognition(More)
—The success of cloud computing can lead to large, centralized collections of virtual machine (VM) images. The ability to interactively search these VM images at a high semantic level emerges as an important capability. This paper examines the opportunities and challenges in creating such a search capability, and presents early evidence of its feasibility.
Although widely touted as a replacement for glass slides and microscopes, whole-slide images used in digital pathology present a challenge in analysis and interoperability. No universal data format exists for these images: analysis tools, viewers, and libraries are vendor-specific. In this paper, we present a vendor-neutral C library for reading whole-slide(More)
In a brain imaging study of children learning algebra, it is shown that the same regions are active in children solving equations as are active in experienced adults solving equations. As with adults, practice in symbol manipulation produces a reduced activation in prefrontal cortex area. However, unlike adults, practice seems also to produce a decrease in(More)
ACT-R (Anderson, J.R., et al., 2003. An information-processing model of the BOLD response in symbol manipulation tasks. Psychon. Bull. Rev. 10, 241-261) relates the inferior dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex to a retrieval buffer that holds information retrieved from memory and the posterior parietal cortex to an imaginal buffer that holds problem(More)
This paper presents an automated, online approach to anomaly detection in high-content screening assays for pharmaceutical research. Online detection of anomalies is attractive because it offers the possibility of immediate corrective action, early termination, and redesign of assays that may require many hours or days to execute. The proposed approach(More)