Adam Goldman

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PURPOSE Cancer of the prostate (CAP) is one of the most common malignancies affecting North American men with about 215,000 new cases and 35,800 CAP related deaths annually. The most prevalent intervention for localized CAP is radical prostatectomy (RP) with 10-year survival rates approaching 90%. Studies of men in post-RP recovery indicate that 44% to 75%(More)
BACKGROUND New rapid HIV antibody tests have allowed provision of results and result-specific counseling on the day on initial visit, and have the potential to increase the efficiency of HIV counseling and testing. METHODS To evaluate the use of rapid testing with same-day results in public clinics, the Single Use Diagnostic System HIV-1 rapid assay was(More)
We recently established a multidisciplinary center for the evaluation and treatment of male sexual dysfunction. The patients are seen in a single day by the endocrinologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, neurophysiologist and urologist. Laboratory studies include chemical and hormonal profiles, pudendal nerve latency testing and determination of the penile(More)
It has been reported that Atlantic tomcod (Microgadus tomcod) from the Hudson River exhibit an extremely high incidence of liver tumors. More than 90% of spawning 2-year-old fish display hepatocellular carcinomas. In contrast, representatives of this species from a relatively pristine environment show a much lower incidence of tumors. Genomic DNA and(More)
Sexually dysfunctional diabetic and nondiabetic males were compared with a group of normal controls using different endocrinological, psychophysiological, and psychological parameters. One hundred male subjects participated in this study: 47 diabetics with sexual dysfunction (DD), 31 nondiabetics with sexual dysfunction (NDD), and 22 normal controls (C).(More)
To explore how to better educate rural Africans about preventive HIV/AIDS vaccine trials, 15 semi-structured, open-ended interviews were conducted with villagers in Lyantonde, Rakai District, Uganda. This study reports on the findings by focusing on the attitudes, knowledge and questions the rural villagers had about HIV/AIDS-preventive vaccine testing.(More)
INTRODUCTION This systematic literature review aims to identify documented impacts that windstorms have on human health. Windstorms occur frequently and some researchers have predicted an increase in severe gales in the future, resulting in an urgent need to understand the related patterns of morbidity and mortality. STUDY DESIGN Systematic literature(More)
This study compared diabetics with sexual dysfunction, nondiabetics with sexual dysfunction, and a group of controls on nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) during three nights in a sleep laboratory, and penile response to erotic stimulation in the waking state on one of the nights. Both diabetic and nondiabetic dysfunctionals showed less erectile response to(More)
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