Adam Golda

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The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence rates of mucopolysaccharidoses in Poland and to compare them with other European countries. A retrospective epidemiological survey covering the period between 1970 and 2010 was implemented. Multiple ascertainment sources were used to identify affected patients. The overall prevalence of(More)
1 Summary. Blood flow in a real geometry of aorta was analysed. The CFD analysis was performed using commercial ANSYS/Fluent code. Velocity profile was used to mimic inlet flow conditions during human cardiac cycle. Outlet pressure boundary condition was coupled with lumped parameter model (electrical analogy) of circulatory system. Streszczenie.(More)
AnaDig, an IC designed for educational purposes, is described. The teaching goal of the chip is to familiarize the students with the properties of IC devices and basic building blocks. Numerous laboratory experiments are available within the same measurement environment. The temperature dependent characteristics can be obtained. The chip was prototyped and(More)