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Laparoscopic interventions with the application of vesico-psoas hitch and Boari flap methods for the reconstruction of pronounced ureter defects require considerable physical skill and competence. This case series aims to present our experience in the treatment of long, distal ureteral stenoses via simplified laparoscopic ureteroneocystostomy in 3 male(More)
BACKGROUND Nephroptosis (NP), defined as a renal drop in a patient in the vertical position of at least 5 cm or the height of 2 vertebral bodies, is usually an accidental finding on intravenous urography. Only 10% of patients with NP develop clinical symptoms. Surgical treatment is applied in patients with radiologically documented pathology that causes(More)
BACKGROUND Most kidney neoplasms are found incidentally and qualify for nephron-sparing surgery. Laparoscopic approach is beneficial to these patients because of its minimally invasive approach. However, these operations are both difficult and require plenty of experience and extended training. Some stages of the operation are limited by permissible time of(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) printing involves preparing 3D objects from a digital model. These models can be used to plan and practice surgery. We used 3D printing to plan for a rare complicated surgery involving the removal of a renal tumor and neoplastic mass, which reached the heart atrium. A printed kidney model was an essential element of communication for(More)
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