Adam Gokcezade

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Current technological solutions that enable content creation and sharing during group discussion meetings are often cumbersome to use, and are commonly abandoned for traditional paper-based tools, which provide flexibility in supporting a wide range of working styles and task activities that may occur in a given meeting. Paper-based tools, however, have(More)
In this article we present LightTracker -- an open-source toolkit for vision-based multi-touch setups. Using this toolkit, we can dynamically create and manipulate the image processing pipeline at runtime. After presenting various new requirements derived from hardware configurations as well as literature review, features and shortcomings of available(More)
Interactive Whiteboards are becoming an increasingly important component of face-to-face meetings, particularly in educational settings. Still, non-interactive surfaces have remained the standard for mathematics-oriented discussions in part due to the lack of robust algorithms for recognizing handwritten mathematical expressions. Thus teachers, for example,(More)
Changeable markers afford completely new possibilities of interaction on a tangible user interface. The heart of the solution are changeable markers, which enable new, complex possibilities of interaction design, which upgrades a TUI from a classic presentation tool to a work tool. Applications on the TW become of interest to non-users and professionals due(More)
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