Adam Giermasz

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Lovastatin, a drug commonly used in the clinic to treat hypercholesterolemia, has previously been reported to exert antitumor effects in rodent tumor models and to strengthen the antitumor effects of immune response modifiers (tumor necrosis factor alpha and IFN-gamma) or chemotherapeutic drugs (cisplatin). In the present report, we show in three murine(More)
Photofrin-based photodynamic therapy (PDT) has recently been approved for palliative and curative purposes in cancer patients. It has been demonstrated that neutrophils are indispensable for its anti-tumour effectiveness. We decided to evaluate the extent of the anti-tumour effectiveness of PDT combined with administration of granulocyte colony-stimulating(More)
As reported in a recent article in the Journal, Joseph and Isaacs (1) tried to combine Linomide® with other antian-giogenic agents known to inhibit tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) to evaluate their joint antitumor effects. Unfortunately, the combination of Lino-mide with other antiangiogenic agents did not result in potentiation of therapeutic efficacy.(More)
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