Adam Engelhart

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As computing systems grow in complexity, the cluster and grid communities require more sophisticated tools to diagnose, debug and analyze such systems. We have developed a toolkit called MAGNET (Monitoring Apparatus for General kerNel-Event Tracing) that provides a detailed look at operating-system kernel events with very low overhead. Using the(More)
Oscilloscopes and their cousins, logic analyzers, are the tools of choice for difficult electronic hardware problems. In the hands of a skilled engineer or technician, these tools can be used to solve stubborn problems. The key to the utility of oscilloscopes is the depth of detail they provide and their flexibility, which allows the level of detail to be(More)
Summary form only given. The performance of TCP in wide-area networks (WANs) is becoming increasingly important with the deployment of computational and data grids. In WAN environments, TCP does not provide good performance for data-intensive applications without the tuning of flow-control buffer sizes. Manual adjustment of buffer sizes is tedious even for(More)
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