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Net migration measures take account of the direction of migration flows, but our understanding of migration can be extended using population turnover and churn as measures of population stability. Turnover is a measure of the intensity of migration into and out of a district, whereas churn incorporates these flows and also includes the flows that take place(More)
Statistics on migration flows year by year within the UK are produced by the Office for National Statistics, the General Register Office for Scotland and the Northern Ireland Statistics Research Agency for migration within England and Wales, within Scotland and within Northern Ireland respectively. However, these flow statistics are not integrated across(More)
This article details the development of a new area classification for Britain based on internal migration variables taken from the 2001 Census. An explanation of why general-purpose area classifications already in existence are not ideal for internal migration analysis is provided, before an account of the construction of the new classification is given.(More)
This article describes the new synthetic England and Wales Longitudinal Study 'spine' dataset designed for teaching and experimentation purposes. In the United Kingdom, there exist three Census-based longitudinal micro-datasets, known collectively as the Longitudinal Studies. The England and Wales Longitudinal Study (LS) is a 1% sample of the population of(More)
The migration process involves three key variables: the migrant, the origin and the destination. Variations in the particular attributes of all three of these variables, together with intervening opportunities, make for complex migration behaviour. On a detailed micro level, any individual migrant will exhibit a unique combination of individual attributes(More)
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